Ayla Starr

Assistant Account Executive

Bringing a rare mix of both youth and experience to TRG, Ayla made a name for herself in the entrepreneurship and small business world of Metro Milwaukee. Moving from small-town Michigan in 2015, she quickly became engaged with community thought-leaders that led her to consulting with the movers and shakers of the city.

Ayla’s understanding of customers and creativity equipped her to immerse herself in the network of Milwaukee entrepreneurs. This in turn drove her to pursue non-profit work and event planning, from project management to advertising campaigns.

With experience working in the tech start-up space and helping run a successful business leader networking organization, Ayla brings a myriad of skills to TRG that allow her to assist on a multitude of high-level projects. She finds her passion in community building, marketing, writing, project management and event planning.

BA from Wisconsin Lutheran College (communicative arts)