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Heather Kormanik

Heather Kormanik, CPA

A successful part of any team includes the people behind the scenes who keep the wheels turning. Heather helps do that for TRG Marketing, providing financial acumen and bookkeeping services.

With more than 20 years of experience in both public accounting and the private sector, Heather knows the unique needs of today’s growing business. She knows that business owners and leaders need reliable, timely data to track progress and make decisions.

Heather is a member of the Wisconsin Institute of CPAs (WICPA).

Favorite Things:

Dessert: I love to bake with my daughters.

Sports: My family is avid sports fans. You will find us at a Brewers game, at Marquette University basketball, or playing a round of golf with our daughters.

Hobby: I am an avid reader and enjoy working in the yard and coming up with new interior decorating projects.


BS from Kettering University (management, accounting & information systems)


According to Gallup’s StrengthsFinder, Heather’s strengths include:

Achiever—Finds satisfaction in staying busy and productive

Discipline—Thrives in routines and structure

Responsibility— Inhabits honesty, loyalty, and commitment to do what they say

Individualization—Cares for the unique qualities and talents of every person and creates synergy within the group

Analytical—Searches for reason and census


Heather is currently involved with the St. Charles Parish garden club.  There’s nothing more therapeutic than digging in the dirt.