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Good People
Making a Difference.

The benefit of working for good people is seeing our work help so many others.
SCORE SE Wisconsin using TRG's space for an event


Our clients are best described as small-to-mid-sized organizations, often based in and around greater Wisconsin. But we see them as much more than that. We see them as good people.

At TRG, we partner with organizations that care about their employees, industry, and community. It’s those same traits that are woven into the fabric of our own organization. By and large, we see our clients out there making a difference in the lives of others. And we like to help support them in any way we can – usually through great marketing. So, if you believe in the Golden Rule, chances are you’d love working with us.


At TRG we have a collaborative spirit, and we are fortunate to partner with so many organizations that share that same trait. It makes working on projects easy and exciting. Together, we can devise and execute marketing plans that make a difference and bring our clients real business value.

But the best partnerships are built on a foundation of trust. And that’s something we earn from our clients through a demonstrated work ethic and an uncommon ability to relate to them as not only business owners/executives, but as human beings. It makes for fun, productive marketing all the way around.


TRG works directly with dozens of owners, CEOs, and other leaders throughout Wisconsin and beyond. What’s proven time and time again is just how dedicated they are to serving their customers, how passionate they are about their business, and how sincerely they care about their employees and their families.

Our clients also give back to their communities through meaningful volunteerism and charitable donation. We believe our clients to be good people – the kind of folks for whom we always strive to do our best work. We are fortunate to help them make a difference in the lives of so many. It’s a good feeling to do good.