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Bringing real business value to small and mid-sized organizations in Wisconsin and beyond.
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At TRG Marketing, we partner with organizations that appreciate a thoughtful, results-oriented approach. And we’re blessed to serve great leaders who do great things – for their employees, customers, and communities. But successful executives often only have so much time. Or budget. Or marketing expertise. And that’s when they turn to TRG.

Sometimes this requires us to act as a full-service marketing department or a strategic advisor. Other times we’ll provide needed digital expertise or tactical support. Always, though, we help clients target the right people, communicate more professionally, and even attract/retain employees.

How Do We Work? Together!

At TRG, collaboration is key. With on-staff professionals offering diverse skills and a range of expertise, we provide a team approach to marketing. Partnering with TRG affords our clients access to multiple experts across the fields of strategy, social media, content creation, SEO, analytics, graphic design, and so much more, delivering a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to marketing.

The benefits of our approach don’t stop there. Idea-sharing sessions lead to more creative and effective marketing campaigns. Our different perspectives also help challenge the status quo. And our team is quick to adapt, allowing for flexibility in responding to emerging trends.

Working with TRG can also improve efficiency and scalability. Marketing projects often require various tasks to be completed simultaneously, from content creation and ad management to data analysis and customer engagement. With our team in place, the distribution of these responsibilities is efficiently handled, ensuring no aspect of marketing is neglected. As your business grows, TRG can easily scale our marketing efforts, adding specialized talent or adjusting workloads as needed.

jonathan wordell and ryan sanders working together in the trg marketing offices


Comprehensive - full-service marketing department
Strategic - advisors on marketing strategy
Digital - experts in online marketing
Tactical - your marketing arms and legs
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