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Mike Shefky

Mike Shefky
Account Supervisor

Prior to joining TRG Marketing in 2007, Mike used his talents in a wide variety of engaging ways ranging from fundraising to event coordination, from media relations to marketing communications, for one of the world’s largest association management companies. Soon after joining TRG, Mike was immediately responsible for leading several of the firm’s clients.

Mike’s ability to understand and relate with a variety of personalities helps him build and lead successful marketing programs and web-related project teams. He enjoys the opportunity to work closely with his colleagues and clients, dialing in on exactly what it takes to get the most out of everyone in any given situation.

Armed with an infectious enthusiasm and a deeply rooted drive to succeed, Mike brings skills benefiting clients looking for that distinctive edge in project planning and tactical execution.

Favorite Things:

Children’s Story: The Monster at the End of this Book

Movie: The Big Lebowski

Superhero: Captain America

Technology: World Wide Web (some call it the internet)

WrestleMania: III … Hogan vs. Andre

80s Rock Band: Foreigner, Styx, Journey

Bad Guy: Darth Vader

Hiding Spot: Right Behind You


MA from University of Wisconsin – Madison (mass communication and journalism)

BA from University of Wisconsin – Madison (public relations)


According to Gallup’s StrengthsFinder, Mike’s strengths include:

Competition—Desires quantifiable progress and high performance

Maximizer—Strengthens groups by honing in on individual strengths

Individualization—Cares for the unique qualities and talents of every person and creates synergy within the group

Positivity—Exemplifies radiant enthusiasm

Relator— Enjoys close relationships with others, especially to achieve a goal


I am actively involved with my community’s youth sports programs where I spend much of my free time coaching basketball and soccer. I currently serve as a head coach for the Westosha Central High School travel basketball program and for the Racine Area Soccer Association.

I believe youth sports not only help keep our children active and physically fit, but they also help kids learn the value of  hard work and collaboration, while developing their skills in communication, time-management, and goal-setting. Sports also help teach lessons in handling both success and adversity. And it’s a heck of a lot of fun – for me and the kids!