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Jonathan Wordell

Jonathan wordell
Account Executive

Before joining TRG in 2022, Jonathan worked in the financial industry for two years, leading strategic marketing initiatives and supporting client advisors. His natural curiosity, attention to detail, and marketing intuition have made him the perfect fit for TRG, where strategic thinking and capable action come together.

Having spent 16 years of his life in Japan, Jonathan credits his upbringing for his unique perspective. He loves being able to make a difference and is excited to work with clients to elevate their marketing through their website, social media, digital ads, e-newsletters, and more.

Jonathan is a 2020 graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran College, where he studied marketing and played on the tennis team. In his free time, he enjoys staying active, making chai, and sharing terrible dad jokes to the dismay of everyone around him.

Favorite Things:

TV Show: The Office/Psych

Sports: Soccer and Tennis

Snack: Trail Mix

Beverage: Chai

Place: Tokyo, Japan

Hobbies: Reading, Working Out, Dad Jokes


BBA from Wisconsin Lutheran College (Marketing)


According to Gallup’s StrengthsFinder, Jonathan’s strengths include:

Restorative—Deals with and resolves problems

Connectedness—Believes that all things are connected, with very few coincidences

Individualization—Cares for the unique qualities and talents of every person and creates synergy within the group

Developer—Recognizes and nurtures the talent and potential in others

Input—Collects and archives information and ideas