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Marc Whitney

Marc Whitney
Account Supervisor

Marc has spent more than 25 years in marketing, public relations, and media relations, including stints at the United States Olympic Committee and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. A native of Chicago, Marc joined TRG in 2010. He takes a strategic approach to his work, helping clients see the value of both big picture thinking and immediate tactical execution.

A molder of young minds, Marc is an adjunct professor of Communications at Marquette University. He values helping future generations develop along their personal journeys. Not to be ignored, Marc’s role in the classroom also helps him stay close to the developing communication technologies and philosophies ruling the day – an asset to TRG’s growing client roster.

Astute to his surroundings, Marc is quick to help both clients and peers feel at ease. His easy-going nature helps foster productive working relationships.

Favorite Things:

Book: To Kill A Mocking Bird

Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life

Restaurant: Eddie Martini’s

Singer/Musician: Bruce Springsteen

Animal: Dog

Vacation Spot: Wrigley Field

First Concert: Stevie Nicks/Joe Walsh

Pop (Not Soda): Diet Pepsi


BA from Marquette University (broadcast communication)

MA from Marquette University (corporate communications)


According to Gallup’s StrengthsFinder, Marc’s strengths include:

Belief—Defines a purpose for life

Developer—Recognizes and nurtures the talent and potential in others

Includer—Demonstrates a keen awareness and acceptance for others

Context—Understands the present by examining the future

Strategic—Finds relevant patterns and issues in almost any given scenario quickly and easily


I owe a great deal to Marquette University (beyond an education, it is where I met my wife), and my volunteer work has centered on the University. While serving as president of the College of Communication Alumni Board, I helped establish a Mentor Program. It annually pairs up 75+ undergrads and professionals in a year-long program of meetings and events that provide guidance and direction for students, and sometimes lifelong friendships as well.