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Chad Ritterbusch

Chad Ritterbusch

Chad started The Ritterbusch Group (now TRG Marketing) in 2004. Many years later, his vision of taking a practical, client-first approach to marketing has helped dozens of businesses, trade associations, and others find a path forward. He is especially proud of TRG’s many long-lasting client relationships.

When working with clients, Chad’s analytical approach to problem solving helps them make well-informed decisions. Drawing upon his wealth of past experiences, harkening as far back to his days as senior vice president with the world’s largest marketing firm, Chad helps large, medium, and small clients get the results they deserve.

Chad’s belief in doing business the right way rings true with both clients and employees alike. Bottom line, it’s about treating people the way you’d like to be treated. It’s a simple philosophy that’s helped set the stage for trusting, productive relationships all along the way.

Favorite Things:

Beverage: Coffee

Hobby: Golf

Teams: Cubs, Packers, Marquette Basketball

Dessert: Ice Cream

Business Book: The Soul of a Business

Vacation Spot: New England

Light: Those that are green


MBA from Northwestern University (marketing strategy and non-profit management)

BA from Marquette University (economics and international affairs)


According to Gallup’s StrengthsFinder, Chad’s strengths include:

Belief—Defines purpose for life

Analytical—Searches for reason and census

Context—Understands the present by examining the past

Futuristic—Inspires others with ideas and visions of the future

Learner—Desires to continuously improve


My family and I are actively involved in our church. I participate, in particular, in men’s ministries and refugee support. My wife is a great cook so we often welcome people into our home.

Another big “cause” of mine is the “chauffeur” ministry that has me picking up and dropping off my kids at their many activities! 🙂