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Marketing to a socially distant audience

From canceled sales meetings and networking lunches to postponed trade shows and seminars – organizations can no longer run their sales and marketing departments as they had before. Never before has it been so critical to maintain a strong digital footprint for staying connected with customers.

But what does having a “strong digital footprint” mean?

It’s about maintaining a constant presence that allows continued visibility with your customers across multiple platforms. With in-person meetings all but extinct, with so many of your contacts now out-of-office and working from home, it’s important to be accessible in the variety of ways they may be looking to interact with you – most of them online. And that requires having a more sophisticated web presence and maintaining active social media accounts.

With so much of the population working online, during this time of uncertainty, it’s also critical that any changes to your operating hours and procedures are clearly marked on all of your digital platforms. Well-maintained websites, regular social postings and timely customer responses that keep online audiences updated are now “must haves” in this new marketplace.