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Impressions from a week at home

TRG began to work remotely this week as we comply with the state of Wisconsin’s “Safer at Home” directive. Impressions:

  • My basement is colder than I previously realized 😉
  • Microsoft Teams is useful. So is Zoom
  • I’m glad we’ve invested so much in video and social media in recent years

Interesting things business owners and leaders said this week:

  • “Let’s take this opportunity to perform random acts of kindness”
  • “The vast majority of our production people want us to stay open if it’s safe. They want to contribute and they want economic security”
  • “Our business is fine but we have no new orders coming in right now”

To the final point, it seems we have all been in a state of flux, and that may continue for a bit longer; however, at some point many businesses in the Badger state and beyond are going to turn attention toward their pipelines. There will be catching up to do.

And we will find that we are all selling into a world that is more virtual than before. Digital advertising, social media, websites and other online activities will be more important than even just a few months ago.

What do you think? Drop me a line at And stay safe in the meantime.