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How great companies communicate

The COVID-19 pandemic is upending life but it’s obvious that sales and marketing professionals are adapting—and fast. Some of what I’m seeing from the best companies:

  • Emphasizing organizational mission and values. While much has changed, the essence of most companies should remain steadfast.
  • Remaining committed to corporate positioning—while tweaking messages to the moment.
  • Expanding commitment to business intelligence activities like customer research, secondary research and strategic planning.
  • Equipping salespeople with new communication tools to help them maintain contact with customers and prospects.
  • Redirecting attention to fundamental activities. Examples: updating outdated websites, relaunching newsletters and reactivating social media.

I’ll close with five questions that I encourage business leaders to ask as the ponder their next steps:

  • Has my target changed?
  • What messages do we emphasize to customers and prospects?
  • How do we stay connected with our stakeholders?
  • How can we help our salespeople sell?
  • How do we improve our online footprint?

Stay safe, everyone.