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Four ways to reach home-bound audiences

Business leaders are working hard to stay operational during these challenging times. Unfortunately, thinning pipelines are also taking hold as sales and marketing teams are forced to re-calibrate their approach toward maintaining, much less expanding, their business lines. For many, that may mean pursuing additional online tactics that will help organizations stay in front of customers/prospects AND engage with them in meaningful ways. Here are a four to consider:

Create an e-newsletter.  They help deliver relevant information straight to a customer’s inbox while sending links back to a specific web page. And if you’re no stranger to the e-news game, consider giving it a fresh look or increasing the distribution frequency.

Try hosting a webinar.  There are no shortage of webinar tools and services for helping sales teams stay social during this period of social distancing. Webinars can be a great way to demonstrate new products or service offerings while still taking live questions from an audience.

Experiment with simple, short marketing videos.  When looking to increase website and social media activity, there may be no greater tool at a person’s disposal than their smartphone. Studies show that 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching videos. And remember, they don’t have to be Oscar-caliber to be effective.

Invest in digital advertising.  Digital ads can help drive traffic to a website without busting the annual marketing budget. Targeted ad campaigns are a great way to promote new offerings, and they can be tracked, measured and changed with little hassle.

No matter which online tactics are pursued, the key is executing them in a way that is complementary to one another. All tactics should thoughtfully engage with target audiences and help solidify your company’s reputation. For more information, be sure to download Marketing in a Fog: Perspective for Business Leaders in a COVID-19 World.