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You Do What and for Who? My Life at TRG Marketing

As a favor to a friend, I recently filled out a questionnaire asking for details about the company I work for and how I got started in my profession. Well, that immediately got me thinking – if I’m going to fill out this form, I might as well blog about it, too. After all, it just might help shed a bit of light on TRG Marketing for those stumbling across our new website for the first time.

But where to begin to tell this abbreviated story? Let’s try this:

Did you know that TRG is closing in on two decades in business? That’s almost 20 years spent delivering strategic and cost-effective marketing to some of the most interesting small-to-medium-sized organizations headquartered in Wisconsin and the Midwest.

How’s that for marketing speak?

Well, it’s true. Our clients ARE interesting.

And what’s more, they are good people, too. Our clients are the kind of folks we like working with because they are understanding (usually), collaborative (often), and goodhearted (always). I personally like working for them, because I can see exactly how they make a difference in people’s lives, including their families, employees, and communities. So, it makes me feel good to do good by them.

But what about me specifically – how did I end up here, and doing this?

I’ve always been interested in the psychological part of marketing. I like diving into how people think about and perceive various companies and products; then using that analysis to craft messages that will really resonate.

That led me to UW-Madison pursuing an undergraduate degree in Public Relations and a graduate degree in Mass Communications. From there, I eventually found a professional home with Chad Ritterbusch and TRG Marketing – where I’ve been for more than 15 years now.

Also, in my questionnaire I had to share about the biggest misconceptions about my job. Well, for me that was kind of easy to answer, as two things immediately sprang to mind.

First, many folks think that “marketing” and “sales” are basically the same thing. And while they are certainly intertwined, the truth is that marketing brings the customer to the product while sales is more about taking the product to the customer. There is nuance in there that is often easily misunderstood.

Second, I wish folks better understood how much “managing” goes into the job. It’s not just about the final product – it’s about everything that goes into getting us there. It’s about back end research, effective communication, navigating schedules, finding consensus, collaborating with creatives, time management, building and maintaining relationships, dealing with the unexpected, and ultimately, putting people in the best situations to succeed.

Misconceptions aside, though, I absolutely love what I do at TRG Marketing – especially the variety it brings to my professional life. It may sound cliché, but I know that no two days will ever be the same.

And that feels like a good stopping point for this blog. I hope it’s been a bit insightful, maybe even educational. If you want to know more about me, TRG Marketing, or what we do here – shoot me a note. Just don’t ask me to fill out another questionnaire.