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Six Ways to Curb Blog Breakdown

At TRG Marketing, I’m tasked with writing blogs for our website and scheduling my colleagues to do the same. All of us have experience producing content, along with drafting and editing copy on a daily basis. So, why does blogging become such a challenge at times?

  • Hectic work schedules/commitments
  • Difficulty generating content ideas
  • Lack of inspiration

Sound familiar? Don’t feel defeated when your hands hover over the keyboard and a blank screen is staring back at you. Get over “Blog Breakdown” with these six helpful tips:

  • Blog ideas list – There are numerous terrific resources out there, but this is among my favorites, “The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas.”
  • Read something interesting and share it – Write a few sentences with your take on an article, include the link and voila! You have a blog.
  • Blogs are not books – Three or four paragraphs are plenty to easily outline your concept. All you need is an intro, a middle and a close.
  • Seek inspiration, spend less time – A client once wrote an impressive blog about his experience with professional business coaching. When we asked permission to post it to a business social media site, he was flattered. “I honestly spent a couple of times reflecting for 10 minutes and wrote some thoughts,” he said. Blogging doesn’t get much easier than that.
  • Establish a blog calendar – Determine what content may be most relevant to your clients and customers at various times of the year. Assign a team member or yourself to blog and schedule it. This keeps people on track and responsible for their project.
  • Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle – You may have heard the phrase “turkey soup”? It applies here. No topic is ever one and done. Go back into your blog archives. Look for content that needs a few updates or a new angle, and you’ll have a fresh take on an old idea.

What suggestions can you share? Reach out to me at julie@