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Long Live the Business Newsletter

In recent days, TRG Marketing’s Plane Thoughts e-newsletter has sparked a dialogue that underscores its value and importance.

One longtime subscriber called to discuss a project that we may (or may not) be able to assist with. During the call, he said he’s been reading Plane Thoughts for years. He praised our “great content” and how it keeps TRG top of mind despite the many years passing between conversations.

Later that same day, a prospect arrived at our office with a printout of the latest Plane Thoughts. This person complimented our piece for providing real value to readers. He told us that his business also wants to share expertise.

Whether electronic or print, newsletters have a place in today’s marketplace, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. Why?

  • Even as customers go dormant, newsletters maintain a connection. This increases the likelihood that a former customer might return
  • They improve the understanding people have for what a company does. This reinforces a company’s price point and can help a company sell products or services that customers may have not previously known about
  • Newsletters can generate sales leads, as people click from the newsletter to the company’s website
  • Newsletters are measurable, as email systems today provide a treasure trove of information about who clicked, on what, and where
  • And newsletters make it easy for people to give referrals. This is especially true for e-newsletters, which are easy to forward from an inbox

One last tip: be sure to continually update your e-newsletter distribution list by adding more clients, friends and referral sources.