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What happens when a referral is given?

People continue to emerge after our spring lockdowns. And neighbors are talking with neighbors.

We chat about the weather or the news. Or we catch up about the kids and work. Often, one neighbor suggests that the other person contact a tree service or accounting firm or someone else.

And there you have it. Someone “sold” a business or product without even being compensated.

In a time in which businesses are trying to do more with less, referrals are critical—especially since they often produce high-quality leads. Referrals are a powerful yet often-overlooked part of any good marketing plan.

But what happens after a referral is given by a neighbor or someone else? In today’s world it’s common for the person who received the suggestion to go online. They might find a company’s website, see what they’ve posted on social media or read a newspaper article courtesy of Google.

And while the person may be inclined to take the recommendation given by the neighbor, they are using the internet to validate that recommendation. Or not.

So the question for a business owner or operator is what do people find after they go online. Is your online presence strong? Or not?

If you’re looking for help, let us know. In the meantime, stay safe. And be a good neighbor.