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What Happens on the Internet Every Minute

It’s surprising how many business owners believe that their website and internet presence isn’t important to their overall success. And while it is most certainly true that certain businesses and industries rely less on their website and internet presence to drive sales – both still need to be an integral component of your marketing arsenal.

The infographic (created by Domo’s Data Never Sleeps) here helps show this by displaying the various apps, social mediums and activity that happen on the internet every minute. Check out the original article and infographic here.

A company’s presence on the internet is incredibly important for credibility. The data in the infographic clearly shows that people are spending a lot of time there. Whenever anyone hears about a company, one of the first things they are going to do is Google that company and try to find out more information. If your website is 10 years old, you haven’t posted on LinkedIn in six months and you don’t have any positive Google Reviews, visitors are going to walk away from that search feeling less than enthused about working with you.


These various platforms are impactful, but also can be intimidating to tackle if you don’t have any experience. Our team at TRG Marketing is great at identifying the tactics that fit your business model best and also telling you what tactics not to pursue. Marketing is often more of a process of deciding what not to do, than doing everything. Contact us to find out more.