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Checklist for a Busy Fall

Last month I provided marketing perspective for business leaders to consider as they enter what promises to be a busy fall. Today, let’s focus on some tactical considerations.

  • Dynamic Content—The Covid crisis has underscored the need for thoughtful and oft-added content that enhances websites, social media platforms, and customer communications. Content really is key to educating those whom you come into contact with—and improving search engine performance.
  • Smart Digital Footprint—Websites were the center of online marketing for a long time. Then came social media. Now growing businesses need to round out their digital footprint. That means email communications and newsletters that drive people to your site; Google and other reviews that shape how prospects view you; and even digital ads through search engines and social media platforms. If a prospect spends 10 minutes studying your online footprint, do they walk away with an accurate and favorable appreciation? Or something else?
  • Email Still Works—Often overlooked, email remains a cost-effective way to stay in front of business and other customers, referral sources, and so many others. It is the workhorse of business communication. The key is providing relevant information that is well-presented and doesn’t unnecessarily contribute to the noise.

I could go on and on but since brevity is bliss, I will simply invite those with added interest to visit the resources section of our website. There you can learn about everything from webinars and podcasts to live streaming and premier events.