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TRG Marketing Featured in News Story on the Success of Remote and Hybrid Workers

The Waukesha Freeman recently took the pulse of business leaders and employees in a news article on the number of employees now working remote or hybrid schedules in Waukesha County.

TRG President Chad Ritterbusch and Account Supervisor Jacob Werre were tapped to share their experiences with this growing trend, its impact on professional performance, and the flexibility it provides for work/life balance.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The pandemic accelerated our move to hybrid and remote work. It opened our clients’ eyes to the wonders of Zoom meetings. We have been allowing for and handling remote work and hybrid situations for well over a decade,” Ritterbusch said.

When recruiting, the company does discuss remote work as it is on the minds of a lot of people, according to the company president.

“It is on the minds of so many potential employees today and we try to set proper expectations. Some work is more appropriate to remote working than other types of work. More experienced employees tend to be better equipped to succeed in a remote environment than say someone who is right out of school and needs the benefits of collaboration and daily interaction with colleagues in the office,” he said.

He thinks employees want more flexibility. In the case of his employee, Jacob Werre, he was a full-time in-the-office employee. He got married and moved with his wife to the La Crosse area. Remote work allowed Ritterbusch to retain Werre, a valuable employee.

Follow this link to read or listen to the full article,