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The importance of “giving back”

As we think about the ways to give more of ourselves this holiday season, allow me to jump ahead to New Year’s Day, when all of those earnest resolutions that we promise to follow go into effect.

Just like our goal to exercise regularly, read more books or even volunteer to help others in need, making real life change is not a time-of-year event but a long-term effort.

The same thought applies to volunteer and pro bono work for business. Sure, our clients pay us to be their marketing firm, but we also offer our skills and expertise in PR, SEO, website development, event planning and digital ads to non-profits and charitable organizations all year long. It’s another opportunity for us to sharpen our abilities, develop and deepen connections with people, and simply put, it makes us feels good.

How can you give back?

  • Consider your special skills – Offer your expertise in accounting, law, construction or IT to nonprofits and charities, which often operate on limited budgets and are grateful for professional support.
  • Support a major non-profit event – If an annual fundraiser needs publicity, use your professional connections to share the story. Offer to post content before, during and after the event on social media platforms to generate interest.
  • Become a charity board member – Non-profits have boards of directors that set budgets and strategy, and help raise money. Invest your time and talent to help an organization grow.
  • Welcome them to your space – If your business has the ability to host a monthly meeting or event, make it available to them. “Mi casa es su casa,” right?
  • Organize a volunteer day – Perhaps you’re already donating professional services to a non-profit, so why not gather your team and show up to volunteer for one of their events? Hand out snacks at a race, pack donations at a food pantry and more.

And there’s an added bonus when service organizations share their appreciation for your contributions – a heartfelt “thanks for all you are doing” can go a long way.

Although assisting non-profits and charities might not happen on a daily basis, the relationships that you build grows with each new experience. There’s great satisfaction in that – at any time of the year.