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Relearn and commit

I recently attended the seminar “Make More, Work Less” organized by Stacie Goss Nowak and the good people of Action Coach Wisconsin. And after the program was over, I spent a few minutes chatting with the presenter about something he discussed with the audience, and something I try to remind our TRG clients about:

Often, it’s not about learning new things, it’s about relearning things you weren’t fully committed to the first time around.

What do I mean by that in terms of marketing?

It’s fairly common to see businesses make one of these two mistakes:

  1. An organization tries a new marketing approach/tactic – but for whatever reason, they never fully see it through to its full potential. Their attention gets diverted to other business matters, they don’t see an immediate impact, they didn’t properly account for the time/resource investment, or sometimes, they simply lose interest in the idea entirely.
  2. An organization spends too much time chasing the “next big thing” in marketing instead of investing in a more measured approach/tactic. Too often, companies are enamored by the glitz and glamor of a new technology, communication medium, or sales tool. They ignore more sensible ideas simply because they’ve heard them before and they aren’t new and exciting.

I try to encourage TRG Marketing clients not to fall into either of these traps, but it can still happen to the best of us. Just remember, there are plenty of smart and sensible ways you can invest in marketing. And while they may not always be flashy and intoxicating, they may be what’s best for business.

You just have to relearn and commit.