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Alumni connect with college students on a marketing career path

Last month I went back to my alma mater, Wisconsin Lutheran College, to speak on a panel in the Digital and Social Media Marketing class. The intent was to expose students to professionals who are developing materials for the web, social media and digital channels and provide them the opportunity to ask questions that go “beyond the textbook.” The other panel speakers were Rachel Milani of Weyco Group, Inc. and Alissa Rauh of Wisconsin Lutheran College.

It was great being back on campus and serving the college in this way. The class had spent the semester building their knowledge of social media platforms, inbound marketing strategies, and content planning/creation. It was wonderful to see what they had learned and also add to their knowledge base.

We discussed everything from finding marketing internships to specifics on marketing tools. And after the official class was over, we stayed and chatted with students who had additional questions.

TRG Marketing and our employees enjoy giving back to students. It’s why we like to have interns who can learn from us and contribute to our team through humble, dedicated effort. There are often more opportunities to immerse yourself in the actual marketing process at a smaller firm like ours than at a larger operation. And as a past intern who was hired and has grown with TRG Marketing, I can vouch for our approach.

Thank you to Professor Jason Van Acker for the opportunity!