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Digital Marketing Advice: Why? Why? Why?

My mother runs a daycare out of her home, and so growing up I was constantly surrounded by other children ranging from a few months old to five years old. A common occurrence, especially when the kids were around 3 years old, was that they started asking, “Why?”.

Everyone craves explanations, whether they are three years old or 53 years old. We don’t want to just hear what we should be doing to improve our marketing, we want an explanation. So, let’s dive in.

“Why…. you should be blogging”

Should a business put in the effort of setting up a blog and investing time into writing articles? The answer is yes. Blogging can help your Google ranking. Each article can use keywords that prospects are using to search for every day. Blogging can also increase your website conversion rate. Prospects tend to do their homework before making a purchase and a blog can help pre-sell and show that you are an authority in the industry. It also makes sure you stay cutting-edge since the only way to post solid, unique articles is to stay up-to-date on your industry. Finally, it can help you form stronger relationships with your prospects, customers, and even partners as it gives you the opportunity to follow up. It gives you a reason to contact them, share the article with them, and then do the actual follow up.

“Why…. you need an electronic newsletter”

Often a misunderstood tactic, people wonder is it really worth it. Well, imagine that you had a list of interested prospects. With an e-newsletter, you can send this list information promoting your product or services and generate leads and sales the same day! There is also enormous ROI potential with an email newsletter. Remember: it takes the same amount of effort to write and send an email to 10 prospects as it does to write and send an email to 10,000 prospects.