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Pop-Up Ads: Denied!

Have you ever been annoyed by an advertisement on the computer? I know that I have. And that is why, over the past few years, ad blockers have become more and more common. For example, I use Google Chrome as my browser of choice and on my personal computer I have a Google’s AdBlock extension activated to help prevent some of these annoying ads.

However, in the beginning of September, Google and Apple will both take steps to make blocking ads easier. Google will start blocking ads that use Adobe’s Flash software, often used by video advertisers, in its Chrome browser. Apple is expected to release its new mobile operating software for iPhones and iPads that will allow the installation of apps that keep ads from appearing in its Safari Web browser. This article from Forbes provides some more detail on these updates.

So what does this mean for businesses and advertisers? Well, for one thing don’t use Flash for your advertisements, but also I think there is a lesson here to make sure that you are advertising in a tasteful way. Generally, people don’t mind some ads and even like to watch some of them, but it is easy to cross the line into annoying and disruptive to their experience on the web. This results in your brand being connected to a negative experience, something that is never good. Balance is key and using the right mix in the proper way is essential, as always.

“89/365 aaAAAaaaaAhhHhHhHh!!” flickr photo by Pascale PirateChickan shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license