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An Image is Worth a Thousand Impressions

OK, that headline may not have the poetic ring of “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but maybe it’s time to update for the 21st century.

Anecdotally, think about how you interact on social media. Are you more likely to click on a post that includes a photo, graphic or other image? When you are on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any other media platform, do you immediately become more engaged when there is – literally – more to see?

The Ritterbusch Group sees this with our clients on a regular basis. A strong image can lead to as many as four or five times as many impressions for a post as a similar message without imagery. For example, how many #TBT (throw-back Thursday) Twitter messages do you click on each week?

Why do we do this? Well, think about how you look at a magazine or newspaper, especially back in the pre-computerized days when most communication was in print. If you’re like most people, you will glance at a headline, but actually look at a photograph…then determine if the article is worth reading now, later, or not at all. But you at least paused and made the determination because a visual caught your eye. And the more things change…

We are visual people. Keep that in mind when crafting your next message, and give your audience more reasons to engage with you.

“Worth 1000 – 3rd edition” flickr photo by spcbrass shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license