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A daily disconnect from the office is a change that will do you good

As I write this, the sun is shining and southeastern Wisconsin is expecting the warmest day so far this spring – nearly 70 degrees.

It’s a great excuse to step away from the office and get outdoors.

Many of us, including yours truly, are guilty of being glued to our computer screens at work. I may feel that I’m less of an offender because I use a standing desk each day, so I rarely sit on the job. But if I rarely leave my office space, is there a significant benefit? Perhaps I’m burning a few more calories working on my feet than if I were using a chair? It’s likely not substantial.

I recently returned from vacation and decided that I need to take a short break from my job each day. Now, I leave the office for about a half hour midday and go for a walk. So far, it’s brought about a positive change.  I’m in a better mood. This mini retreat allows me the time to clear my mind and helps stimulate creative thinking.

Some experts suggest taking our work to a whole other level outdoors. Perhaps you’re already hosting walking meetings and soaking up the sun. If so, let me know what you’re experiencing.

For those of you looking for work break ideas, check out these tips to improve your mental and physical outlook. I’ll check back in the coming weeks to let you know how my out of office time is benefiting me. Perhaps I’ll convince some of my colleagues to join me outside…