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Fear the Deer – and Share a Smile

The NBA Playoffs are underway, and many TRG-Marketing staff members are excited for what they, and much of Southeast Wisconsin, hopes will be a lengthy run by the Milwaukee Bucks. Drive around the city and there are signs, banners, even messages on public transportation showing support for the team as it strives for its second championship in team history.

And while there is no lack for folks who believe there is far too much emphasis placed on professional and high-level college sports in our world, there is a commonality here that is worth embracing.

As spring returns and leads us toward summer, people from all walks of life will be bonded by the exploits of Giannis Antetokounmpo and his teammates (I don’t even have to look up the spelling of his last name, anymore). So, revel in that bond! Share a smile with someone wearing their “Fear the Deer” clothing, high five a stranger in a Bango cap and bask in a bit of civic pride.

And when it’s all said and done – whether it ends with a victory parade or something less – don’t put the smile away. Hang onto the good feeling and keep making those connections. After all, Packer season is just five months away.