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10 Marketing Tips to Help with Recruiting, Part II

In our earlier blog, we talked about the first five ways to use marketing strategy and boost your employee recruiting process:

  1. Build out your website’s Careers page
  2. Showcase company culture through social media
  3. Reengage with past applicants through email and/or text
  4. Build partnerships with local organizations and schools
  5. Reach new audiences through digital advertising

Let’s take a look at the remaining options to help bring talent to your business:

  1. Manage your reputation through online reviews

This is important for credibility – you may notice that that word seems to come up quite a bit. That’s because if your company doesn’t seem to be credible, no prospect or potential job candidate is going to take the next step. Job searchers want to know how current employees enjoy working for your company. They read online reviews, so it is important to manage these reviews and respond properly.

Also, 75% of job seekers are likely to apply for a job if the employer actively manages their reviews and brand. Monitor employee review sites, including Indeed and Glassdoor, and reviews from Google My Business, Yelp and Facebook.

An upside to employee reviews (even if they are negative) is that you can push for organization changes based upon employee feedback; especially if there is a common thread among negative reviews. Working with your leadership team to fix issues will make current employees happier and help attract talent.

  1. Use video to tell your story

More than 80% of people say they want to see more video content from the companies and organizations they interact with, leading to higher message retention. This holds true for recruitment. And video can be utilized in a variety of ways (email, website, social media, etc.).

Videos connect with potential employees on a deeper level than any other content. Utilize video to promote company culture, educate on what your business does or highlight employees. Showcase what it would be like to work with your team.

  1. Make it easy to contact you

Ever try to contact a company and not find the contact information that you’re looking for? Review your Careers page, job listings and everything else to clear away any potential barriers for people to apply or to contact you with questions.

This is also where Google My Business and other local listings may help. Just like your customers, candidates searching for your company need accurate information to get in contact with you, find directions to your location or visit your website. Imagine your favorite applicant getting lost on their way to the interview because Google Maps took them to the wrong location.

  1. Encourage employee and other referrals

Employee referrals are a powerful source to find good candidates. They tend to be higher quality, close quicker and stay longer at your company. How can you encourage these referrals?

The referral program – and associated bonuses – are dependent on your business. Payment of some sort may be necessary but doesn’t need to break the bank, the recognition for the referral is just as important. It is vital to track referrals and then leverage social media and the other tactics listed in this blog. Don’t launch a referral program and then fail to track it or shortchange it by not leveraging it properly.

  1. Revise your Job Descriptions

Make job descriptions more effective for you. Use attractive language to focus on the benefits and rewards of working at your company. Make them want to work for you – rather than listing the 12 attributes candidates must have. Include job specific needs, but also company perks and benefits such as free lunches, pet insurance, healthcare, career advancement, etc.

Identify what sets your company apart, especially from the competition. What makes you the best? Why would someone want to work for you rather than the other guy? Include links to your social media accounts and other profiles.

Finally, don’t set the bar too high. Read the job description, or have someone else read it, and ask:

  • Why work for us rather than someone else?
  • Is this job realistic? Do I know people like this who actually exist?
  • Is this job attractive to my target candidate? Are all of the benefits and perks mentioned?

Of course, there are even more tactics for recruitment marketing than these Top 10. Be sure to leverage those that fit your industry or budget. One benefit of working with a firm like TRG Marketing is that we can help you decide what not to do as well as what to do. The process can be overwhelming, so contact us with any questions. We’d love to help.