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What Are You Grateful For All Year Long?

Each year, Thanksgiving is the holiday on the calendar that allows us to pause, reflect and share our gratitude.

It’s what Forbes Consumer Behavior Contributor Prince Ghuman calls “America’s original holiday.” In his recent article, How To Be Grateful Beyond Thanksgiving, Ghuman asks, “Why is it easy to express (and receive) gratitude on Thanksgiving and difficult to experience gratitude the rest of the year?”

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, restrictions at work and in our communities offered us unexpected downtime in our busy lives. Our concerns turned from securing business deals and planning getaway vacations to the overall health and wellbeing of people around us.

What are you most grateful for every day of the year? Here’s what some of our team shared:

“The women and men who have set everything aside for the past 21 months – including time with their families and even their own health – to care for the sick, and research COVID vaccines and treatments.” – Marc Whitney

“For getting married to my lovely wife, Kathy. I’m grateful to have met such a wonderful, Christian woman and look forward to spending the rest of my life with her.” – Jacob Werre

“The health of me and my family.” – Mike Shefky

“Being able to find happiness in small things every day…and then being able to FIND things when I forget where I put them.” – Julie Gaier

“This year my mom moved to an assisted living facility due to issues caused by Parkinson’s Disease. That, in addition to having friends and family who have been knocked down by injuries or other issues, is causing me to recognize how grateful I am for my good health.” – Aileen Smith

“For my faith, family and friendships.” – Heather Kormanik

“I’m thankful that the chaos that was 2020 has given way to a more manageable chaos in 2021. I’m also thankful that I do not have any food sensitivities to turkey, cranberries or stuffing.” – Greg Gardetto

“For my partner, Kyle, my family and everyone at TRG that has made my transition into the firm warm and welcome. Rosie, my little dog and TRG’s tiniest employee, is thankful for crumbs on the office floor, and soft pets from everyone.”– Ayla Starr

“For the learning opportunities I have been able to experience this year with my internship as well as finally being able to graduate from tech school.” – Ryan Sanders

“When I was a kid, my parents would ask their boys what they were thankful for. I’m not sure why I said “corn” for the longest time but I did. I’m feeling nostalgic so I’ll say corn. Oh, I’m also grateful for our clients. They are a(maize)ing.” – Chad Ritterbusch