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If You Enjoy Teamwork, Flexibility and Autonomy in a Marketing Firm, You Could be Our Next Employee

I first met Chad Ritterbusch in 2008 at an industry meeting in Milwaukee. He was a member of the host association and I was a guest. The event offered an opportunity for me to network professionally and possibly score a career outside of television news with a true work/life balance.

In conversation with Chad that day, I appreciated his sense of how my skills as a former news reporter could help elevate his marketing firm. Weeks later, I took on a freelance project with Chad and Mike Shefky to pitch a prospective client. Not long after, he offered me a job – working part-time as an account executive on my terms to fit my family’s schedule.

I’ve been here ever since.

Chad saw something in me other prospective employers had not recognized up to that point in my job search – how my years of experience writing and communicating stories could easily shift to the world of content marketing. With practice and patience, especially on my part, I transitioned to the world of PR, writing client e-newsletters, award nominations, blogs, social media posts, website copy, and marketing proposals. I am grateful to be surrounded by smart people with tremendous expertise and direction. I learn something new here every day.

If you’re looking for a collaborative workplace with independent opportunities to shine, consider our firm. We currently have an opening for an Account Executive. We are good people who are great at marketing. Reach out to me at if you want to learn more.