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Windows 10 has arrived #UpgradeYourWorld

Windows 10 became available about a week ago and it looks to be a massive improvement from Windows 8 and 8.1. Having just downloaded it (I always wait about a week to see if there are any major bugs), I have yet to truly experience it. However, there are a few significant features that will impact us all, especially those involved in web design.

First, Microsoft claims that this is the final version of Windows….ever. If this is true, it means that Windows 10 will be constantly updating. This is a good thing because it will fix bugs, update security and normalize the experience. Legacy browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer) will become less common and support for modern technologies will expand. This means you will most likely see Edge explode in your analytics as Internet Explorer becomes extinct.

Second, Windows 10 facilitates new devices. Microsoft missed the mobile revolution, but with Windows 10 Microsoft is planning on rolling out mobile hardware that uses it. However, the fact that Xbox One will also be using Windows 10 is the bigger news. Web designers will now need to design for much larger HD screens that use different input methods and are viewed from greater distances.

Third, Windows 10 is integrated with Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant software. Cortana has the potential to revolutionize how we search on the Internet. When we search by typing we usually use short phrases such as “marketing services in Milwaukee,” with Cortana it will feel more natural to say, “Cortana, where can I find a good marketing company in Milwaukee?” These natural speech patterns will impact SEO and content marketing and will make quality content even more important in the next few years.

There you have it, a few potentially impactful features of Windows 10. Have you upgraded your world yet?