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Why it Matters to Track your Digital Footprint

How often do you take a close look at your social media pages, Google Reviews, website, digital ads and all aspects of your online presence? While we’re not recommending a 24/7 approach to monitor online content, the following example should serve as a reminder to at least be vigilant.

Recently, one of our team members was browsing their Facebook timeline and caught a post about a radio show that our client produces and pays to sponsor. The client had liked and shared a post from someone who was promoting the program with tremendous accolades. It was a terrific post, except for one important detail: the call letters for the radio station listed were incorrect. The wrong station was receiving the kudos for the program!

The post had been up for at least a half an hour, so we immediately reached out and brought the error to the client’s attention. It was appreciated and the post was corrected accordingly.

This effort underscores the value of always looking out for your client. Paying close attention to what’s being posted, replying to a Google Review, or the email inquiries coming in to a website are all critical measurements of how a business or organization is growing online.

At TRG, we are committed to protecting the reputation and interests of our clients by regularly keeping an eye on their digital activity in a reasonable and cost-effective manner. Reach out to us if we can help you.