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Why a Paper Airplane?

For some time now, TRG has used a paper airplane as our corporate icon.

And every once in a while, we get the question: “why?”

Besides being an easy to identify branding element, there actually is a bit more meaning behind it. The paper airplane says a lot about how we approach marketing for our clients.

Think back to when you last made a paper airplane. How did you construct it? Were you designing it for speed and distance? Or maybe you made a glider – because everyone knows they were always the best for flips and tricks.

No matter your choice, at some base level, you likely considered both form and function. And we do the same for our clients when considering their business goals and which marketing activities should be pursued.

In marketing, there is no one path forward – just like there’s no one way to make a paper airplane. Organizations often need different things from their marketing teams. Sometimes it’s generating product awareness. Sometimes it’s enhancing their digital footprint. And sometimes it’s bettering their brand. But whatever the marketing need, the key is aligning it strategically with proper planning, approach and execution.

For our marketing team, just like building a paper airplane, the work is often analytical, creative and fun! And because no client is the same, it never gets old.

To take things a step further – our newsletter is titled “Plane Thoughts.” Obviously, “plane” plays off our icon; but as for the “Thoughts” piece – well, that’s how we do things at TRG. We like to think. And then we like to share those thoughts with our clients, colleagues and friends.

So, there you have it – the meaning behind our paper airplane icon. But sure, we think it looks cool, too.