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Using electronic tools to connect with your next team member

A common refrain heard at successful companies today is, “It’s so tough to find good people!” But is it?

If you picked up a Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune 25 years ago, you would see 54 pages (yes, 54 pages) of Want Ads. Looking for a job? Or have a position that needs to be filled? The local newspaper was the place to be!

Times change, though. And just as you are not likely today to see Help Wanted ads for a Keypunch Operator or Typist, you are also not likely looking to find (or fill) a job in the daily newspaper. So, where does this match-up take place?

Technology advances allow companies to target their messages to specific audiences in ways we could only dream of 25 years ago. Targeting works for advertising, product offers, new-product roll-outs, customer contact and so much more. Why not for hiring?

Online ads that seek out qualified candidates and bring them to your (electronic) door are a great way to cut through the clutter. You can post a job to LinkedIn right now and reach their 500 million+ users. Or, you can target that ad based on geography, job title, industry, experience and so much more. Suddenly, that pool of candidates you are reaching to is far more specific than the days of placing a printed ad and hoping for the best.

And it’s not just LinkedIn. Google ads allow for your well- designed messages to connect with the people who may soon become your fellow co-workers. Google algorithms that match specific wording in your ads can help match you with the right prospects at a measured cost.

Facebook has also entered the job placement playing field. Companies can post job postings on their page as they do any other update. The postings are live on the company’s page and under a new “jobs” section. Job seekers have the option to begin the application process from that page.

The jobs are out there, and so are the people to fill them. Smart, measured, focused messages placed in the correct online forum can be as productive as any Want Ad ever was.

“help wanted” flickr photo by Alachua County shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license