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TRG’s Jacob Werre shares dance moves and social media tips in BizTimes

Jacob Werre was featured in the “Social Media Strategies” section of BizTimes Milwaukee in early April. He talks about how nostalgia can be a powerful and effective tool in social media marketing. This fun article answers why nostalgia works, gives some tips and reveals a fun fact about Jacob.

You don’t have to say bye, bye, bye to the past

I have a confession to make. I know the exact dance moves to multiple ’NSYNC songs. While in college, a few friends and I would perform these dances in the annual talent show and I must say, we were a hit. There is even evidence of this on YouTube. One reason our act was popular was due to nostalgia. Many of the students had grown up listening to ’NSYNC songs and our act brought back fond memories.

Nostalgia remains a powerful and effective tool. We’ve all seen it in things such as Pokemon Go, live action Disney movies, the upcoming Power Rangers movie, etc. But why does it work? It comes down to personal value. When you connect to customers on a personal or emotional level, they are more likely to buy your product or service. People make purchasing decisions based, in part, upon emotion. Reminding someone of a great memory is a valuable tactic.

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“#nsync let’s hope this happens #vmas” flickr photo by FashionbyHe shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license