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Everyone needs to eat

One of the biggest challenges to any company can be getting facetime with your key clients – especially if there isn’t a pressing issue to address. But regular facetime with key decision makers is important in fostering a strong, healthy relationship. So what do you do? One easy answer – buy them lunch!

The average work day can be a hectic hodgepodge of responsibilities filled with meetings, duties, tasks, and events. But in most instances, it always includes an open interval for lunch – and it’s a widely known fact that everyone needs to eat.

So, pick up the phone and offer to buy a client an impromptu lunch and use the goodwill gesture as a chance to simply catch-up. Waiting for mandatory set meeting dates/times can sometimes lead to missed opportunities that would have be beneficial to both parties. Getting together more regularly, and informally, will help keep you in the loop with your clients and better clued in to their wants and needs.

Pro Tip:
Don’t make the lunch all about business. Keep it informal and use it as a chance to connect with your clients on a personal level. Remember, people like doing business with people they like. And nobody likes a pushy salesman.