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The Value of Awards Programs

These days, open any business magazine and you’ll discover numerous feature articles celebrating the ingenuity of companies along with their compelling, award-winning stories.

This got me thinking about the value of awards programs to an awareness campaign. Sure, that shiny trophy is a credibility booster, you say, but there’s nothing more beyond the recognition, right?

Think again. There are many benefits to winning business achievement awards:

  • Recognition in publications – usually with a flattering story
  • Opportunity to network with business peers
  • Relevant information to share in e-newsletters, websites, and social media outlets
  • The culture-building “good feelings” that come from being a part of a recognized and successful organization

But what happens when you don’t win?

The actual pursuit of the award is itself a valuable experience, one often worthy of the effort.

Many award submissions require a deeper dive into the subject matter. As various pieces of information are gathered for the award nomination, it often forces an internalization of important company goals, facts, and processes. Sometimes this is reaffirming. Sometimes it can lead to spirited discussion and reassessment of outdated philosophies and practices.

Moving forward, it then becomes easier to think and speak about the company, its products, services, people and culture more accurately, eloquently and holistically – a true benefit to any company representative.

And once complete, a comprehensive award nomination can serve as a handy reference tool for quick access to client testimonials, revenue/employee statistics, product/service narratives, milestone events and more. That’s valuable PR information all housed in one location!

During my marketing career, I’ve attended a number of award celebrations with our TRG clients. And it’s certainly gratifying to be in the winner’s circle. But you don’t always win.

So, for the times when you come up just short, remember – all is not lost. There is still genuine value in having gone through the process.