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The Story Behind the Good Stories Project

Five years ago, Wisconsin Lutheran College Business Professor Donald R. Kudek, Ph.D. and TRG Marketing’s Owner Chad Ritterbusch partnered to develop the “Good Stories Project.” They wanted an opportunity for young people to learn how small businesses impact today’s world.

“Many small businesses are notable for the quiet way in which they do good things for their employees, customers, and communities,” says Ritterbusch. “While big companies often have PR departments that continually churn out positive information, small companies often don’t have the resources to toot their own horn.”

In recent years, negative business stories have turned off many young people from seeking business careers. Kudek and Ritterbusch want the next generation to see how businesses further the public good.

“Our belief is that careers in business can be good and ethical,” says Kudek. “We seek to tell good stories—the owner who puts workers first, the company that advances society through its products, the employer who gives to the community. We hope to inspire a greater openness to business and also salute them for doing things the right way.”

PHOTO CAPTION: On May 16, 2023, TRG Marketing gathered with dozens of Milwaukee-area business leaders and students from the School of Business at Wisconsin Lutheran College to celebrate the achievements and partnerships involved in the Good Stories Project.

The “Good Stories Project” was created to allows students to interview Milwaukee-area executives and see how companies conduct themselves through their beliefs and interactions. The initiative has now involved hundreds of students and dozens of area businesses.

Stay tuned for the latest developments on the “Good Stories Project” through TRG blogs, and on Twitter and LinkedIn. Reach out to Chad Ritterbusch if you would like to learn how your business can get involved.