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So, what’s the “story” behind LinkedIn’s new look and feel?

If you haven’t heard, LinkedIn is switching up its business social networking website.

Starting October 1, you’ll notice some more-than-subtle changes, (some web experts consider it a major overhaul), since the page’s launch almost two decades ago.

The site, known in the past for job postings and job seekers is evolving, and encouraging more story content. Many of LinkedIn’s 700 million members are already engaged in storytelling and the company indicates that their enhanced “Stories” focus is much-needed in our pandemic world. (See my blog, In Times Like These, Tell Me a Story).

In the coming days, expect to find a more streamlined and straightforward approach on LinkedIn. There are improved ways to send messages, especially if you considered this a cumbersome task in year’s past, and a way to join a video meeting from your personal page.

Check out this recent article for a deeper dive into the new look and feel. Then, take some time to visit your personal and/or company profile. We’d love to hear your thoughts.