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Plan ahead, but make room for flexibility

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is the need to be flexible. Many of our plans were uprooted and changed in March and April. And still today, we are navigating the ever-changing fluctuations of the coronavirus.

Flexibility and the ability to change is key to success and growth. This is true for a person, a business and a society…and it can be uncomfortable. We like the familiar. We like to go with the plan that we’ve put in place.

Why change it if it isn’t broken? But what if it is broken? What if internal or external elements have changed? Resistance to change is resistance to growth and is the path to stagnation – which is death to a business.

Now, I’m not saying we should just wing it.  At TRG, we create plans based on thoughtful strategy and tactics, and then work those plans. The planning process is important, but the plan itself can change as needed.

We often make 12-month marketing timelines for our clients where we outline what tactics and activities will happen in what month, quarter, etc. The first few months of these plans tend to be more developed and set in stone, such as reviewing their brand, auditing their website, accessing their digital footprint, etc. The back half of the year is less so and usually does end up looking differently from the original plan. Perhaps we later determine an enewsletter should be distributed six times a year and not quarterly because open rates are significant. Or digital ads are tracking well, so the initial campaign is expanded. Priorities change, new opportunities arise and we adapt to those situations.

TRG Marketing believes in real partnerships, not iron-clad contracts. We promise to always be flexible with our plans, expanding or contracting our ongoing retainers and agreements as needed.