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Nine steps for creating good design

It would be difficult to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without following the proper steps. Just ask my kindergartner. Likewise, developing a design project from start to finish goes much more smoothly when a series of methodical steps are followed. Veering from this proven process can make for a sticky situation – and potentially leave you with a funny taste in your mouth.

The Ritterbusch Group oversees dozens of design projects – from brand identity and brochures to trade show materials and websites. Every job is unique, but they all benefit from our proven and efficient TRG Design Process. Each step along the way ensures our team maintains focused and our clients remain informed and involved.

  1. MEET
    Learn about the client, their customers, the project and its goals.
    Review the client’s industry and their marketplace. This may include conducting new primary and/or secondary customer research.
    Think of ideas and solutions to the problem. And remember – there are no bad ideas. Even the most obscure suggestion can inspire better solutions.
    Sketch idea thumbnails (quick drawings) for internal review. Give promising ideas shape by developing a handful of wireframes. Then seek team feedback to refine and strengthen the direction.
  5. DRAFT
    Prepare advanced drawings of project ideas illustrating how messages will be presented to the target audience.
    Share ideas and discuss fleshed out illustrations with the client. Group feedback is necessary to get a more effective deliverable.
  7. TWEAK
    Revise selected mockup utilizing input from team members and clients.
    Get the “thumbs up” from the client and internal marketing team. Everyone signs off on a final proof.
    Prepare final files and … take off. Web-based projects are uploaded to the client’s web hosting account and tested for proper functioning. Print projects are delivered with appropriate specifications to the printer.

Even though no two projects are alike, adhering to our proven and repeatable design process keeps projects on target and mess-free. I think that calls for a celebration. Sandwich, anyone?