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My Google Reviews Are Really Popular



Sometimes, it works in your favor to procrastinate.

I put off writing this blog for weeks about the success of my Google review and I’m glad I did.

The longer it’s online, the more people are seeing it. In March, Google emailed to say I collected 1,000 views. Not bad for a month’s time, but I couldn’t imagine it growing much beyond that. In April, another plateau was reached with 3,000 views. I was impressed. Two weeks ago, I reached a milestone 5,000 views since it went online in February.

I never expected my comments would have such an impact. Perhaps the death of my cat, Baxter, and the wonderful care he received from the vet hospital staff pulled at the heart strings of pet lovers out there. I like to think that I’m helping people make a more informed choice. As Google told me, my review is helping others “in a big way.”

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