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3 Tips for Corporate Video Creation

Now more than ever, you understand that your digital footprint is key to having new customers find you, and current customers continue to refer you. As the need for owned-media increases, finding content that relates to and engages your customers will be crucial in 2022. Consumers are not only twice as likely to share your content if it involves video, but are nearly 90% more likely to purchase as well. Cisco reports by the end of the year, video would have accounted for 84% of all online traffic.

Our TRG Video Production Team put together three tips for effective, and cost-effective, corporate videos.

Determine Your Audience

A video made for your customer will be different than a video made for a potential employee. Before scheduling a time to record, ask your team: what goals are we trying to accomplish with this video? What story will we be telling? Are you trying to highlight a new product that your customers should get excited about? Or do you want to highlight your company culture to attract new employees?


Believe it or not, not everyone loves the camera. Prepping your team for filming will be crucial because it can save hours of time in the editing portion. If you’re filming in a warehouse, make sure your employees are wearing proper PPE and are following OSHA protocol. If you want to get an employee testimonial, make sure that employee is dressed for success and feels comfortable speaking in front of the camera. Messy office? Shove those papers in your drawer. The less time you have setting up, is more opportunity to film content.


Are people laughing and chatting in your break room? Capture it. Are your employees using a new machine for the first time? Capture it. Did you just make a great sale with a new customer and want to share your success? Capture it. Having more content is always better than having less. B-roll (montage footage) is key to showcase your brand’s narrative, will make your storytelling more effective and gives you more opportunities for voiceovers.

Lastly, don’t let the lack of fancy equipment get in your way of capturing content. Take out your iPhone, invest a little in a clip-on mic, and have fun sharing your organization with its customers and employees. But if you want the fancy equipment and fancy camera angles, our TRG Video Production team has you covered. Contact us to learn more about how your company can make use of video storytelling today.