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If you hate blogging, read this post

Jump on the “Bloggity-Blog Bandwagon” and enjoy the ride

In late January, The Ritterbusch Group hosted a wonderful group of professionals in our office for lunch and conversation in the latest installment of Food with Friends, “Seven Ways to Jump Start PR and Marketing in the New Year.”

One of the steps suggested that our attendees blog, and blog some more. That is easier said than done for many of us with hectic work schedules and commitments. Several people in the group said their biggest obstacles for writing a blog were no time and lack of solid topics. Some felt no one would care what they had to say anyway, so why bother.

Here’s how to make a change in 2016:

  • Need blog ideas? Start here: There are dozens of suggestions on this link, from sharing a unique story or business case study to profiling an influential person in your industry. Click here for more,
  • Read something online that was so interesting you want to share it? Write a few sentences about the article, include the link and bam. You have a blog.
  • Write when you’re inspired and in shorter blocks of time. One of our clients recently wrote an impressive blog on his experience with professional business coaching. When we asked permission to post it to a business social media site, he was flattered, telling us, “I honestly spent a couple of times reflecting for 10 minutes and wrote some thoughts.” How easy is that?

Check out these informative links on blog writing in half the time  and how you can find time to write every day. Happy Blogging!

(P.S. I wrote this in less than 20 minutes. Inspiration helped. Try it.- Julie)

“BLOG” flickr photo by shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license