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If Time is Money—In What are You Investing?

Before you answer, “well my business of course,” take a step-back. Aside from your professional life or business, where are you investing one of your most valuable resources? So often we think that “the grind” or “the hustle” is the default path every business professional or entrepreneur must take—but at what cost? Your job title does not define you; it only gives insight on what you do from eight in the morning to five in the evening.

How is your family? How is your mental health? When is the last time you took twenty minutes to meditate, to read a motivational book or even to go to the doctor?

The hybrid work-from-home and office life allowed many of us flexibility that has not been traditionally set forth in the workplace, but it also let our workplace slip into the sanctity of home. Your kitchen where you maybe ate meals with your family, became your work desk with piles of paper. Your living room where you sat to relax and watch your favorite shows, became the background of your Zoom screen. The place you reside after work became your new office, blurring the line of home and work which caught many extending the normal hours of their work-day.

We need to sanctify the time after work and invest into things we care about. Whether it is volunteering, spending time with family or practicing that new yoga-pose you found on the internet. When you invest in you, your mental and physical wellbeing, your productivity and happiness can increase.

So yes—it’s okay to turn off email notifications when you pull into your driveway. It’s okay to take your lunch break without hovering over your computer while eating. Because when you invest in you, the return on investment is priceless.