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Happy to Welcome Greg Gardetto

I couldn’t be happier to announce that we have added Greg Gardetto to our team. We’ve known Greg for some time. In fact, he was our client for several years when he was Director of Sales and Marketing at WM Sprinkman, a beverage equipment maker based in Waukesha that was purchased in 2018 by the German conglomerate, Krones.

Greg was always our kind of client. He’s smart but doesn’t think he knows everything. He required results but was sensible and always looked to the long-term. He was engaged in our work in a way that encouraged and didn’t smother. He is the consummate professional.

He’s a heck of a marketer, too. With a background in consumer brands (including his family snack business, Gardetto’s) and B2B, he has seen a lot since he graduated college in 1985. And having worked for manufacturers, marketing firms and for his own businesses, he knows that marketing isn’t about fluffy slogans. It’s about making businesses and the other organizations we serve more valuable.

We are excited about how Greg is going to help our clients; however, we are equally excited to simply call him a colleague. All of us here know that we’ll gain from his experience and example.

You can visit Greg’s profile page to learn more about him. I hope you’ll have a chance to meet him in the new year.