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Don’t Forget Customers

We often talk with business owners who’ve been successful but lament that they just aren’t getting the leads they used to get. Perhaps trade shows aren’t netting what they used to net. Or they spent a ton on SEO but the effort just turned up the wrong prospects. So, the business leader puzzles over what to do, what steps to take.

One starting point we often suggest is to refocus on customers and, more specifically, how they can be turned into advocates.

This conversation can yield deep insights. In the same way that products like the microwave were almost accidental creations, I’ve seen big ideas flow from answering the basic questions of “why customers choose us” and “how we can get them to refer us to others.”

I’ve also seen smaller but still useful steps flow out of those questions. For instance, tweaks to customer service processes and the way content is presented in the company newsletter.

Bottom line: customers know you well so their referrals tend to come “pre-qualified” and more likely to create the kind of business you want.