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Paul Fullmer’s “10 Commandments” for the workplace

I recently said good-bye to my mentor, Paul Fullmer, who passed away at the age of 85. I worked for Paul for nine years, the first nine of my career, and could not have had a better mentor. He reached the pinnacle of the public relations business and grew his company to be one of the largest independent firms in the country before he sold it in 2000.  Yet he made time for a youngster who required soooo much guidance. And it wasn’t just me. Dozens of marketing and communications professionals in Chicago and beyond benefited from his tutelage.

Paul’s character truly set him apart. He was genuine, trustworthy and oozed integrity. He not only spoke of the Golden Rule, he lived it too. He never put profits ahead of people.

I’m going to miss him but will always appreciate the encouragement and example he provided. I’ll conclude this blog with Paul’s “10 Commandments” for the Workplace. I hope you enjoy. And God bless you, Paul.

  1. Thou shalt follow the Golden Rule
  2. Thou shalt not take short cuts
  3. Thou shalt learn the basics well
  4. Thou shalt never stop learning
  5. Thou shalt never give less than 100 percent
  6. Thou shalt share your knowledge
  7. Thou shalt never lose your sense of humor
  8. Thou shalt have fun in your work
  9. Thou shalt find the proper amount of time for family and recreation
  10. Thou shalt understand that the sun always comes up in the morning