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Marketing Does More

Recently I wrote about how buyers now have more power because they have access to more information than ever. And I wrote about how people just don’t trust businesses and organizations like they once did.

As a result, marketing is being asked to do more. The old saw was that marketing created awareness, then interest, then consideration before sales took over the process of trial and adoption. So not only does marketing have to do more, it has to work more quickly.

This has obvious tactical ramifications; don’t have an ugly website, for example. Or your most recent social media post should not have come from 2015.

Less obvious is how it puts a premium on marketing strategy and sales strategy. Is marketing’s job merely to educate and present a credible front? Or to generate leads? Or something else? Marketing can do a lot of things, but it’s vital to have a clear understanding of objectives before getting going.

Marketing is more Swiss-Army knife than ever. Just be careful you don’t ever ask the scissors to do the corkscrew’s job.