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Information is Power

One exciting aspect about this era is that buyers have a lot of power. That’s because the internet has dramatically increased the amount of information available to most people who are making (or influencing) buying decisions. Think about the last time you bought a car versus the first time. You now have access to reviews, pricing information, safety assessments and so much more. Consumers can walk onto the lot feeling far better prepared.

That may be obvious. Less obvious to some business leaders is how this dynamic may be affecting their business. The downtown architecture firm or the rural maker of industrial equipment needs to know that they, too, have buyers arriving armed for a more knowledgeable conversation. They’ve checked your website and read online reviews. They’ve scoped out the competition and read what Google provides—for good or bad.

Be ready, business leaders. Potential customers are evaluating you before you even know it. Are your website, social media platforms, online reviews and more helping you or holding you back?